KBA-01247: Project Setup document does not provide link to Pay Application


The Project Setup document does not have the option to Create Pay Application on the drop-down options menu so I can‘t create my Schedule of Values for billing.


The Create Pay Application option appears only if the following conditions are met:

  • The Project Setup is Committed (i.e. Doc status=Committed).
  • The project does not have approved, committed or pending Change Orders.
    (see KBA-01248)
  • Non-integrated clients: Pay Application Doc type is Active
    Microsoft Dynamics-SL integrated clients: Construction Billing Entry (CBE) is available.

Integrated clients:

If integrated, you have the choice of using Microsoft Dynamics SL or Spitfire‘s SOV workbook. By default, Spitfire sites integrated with Microsoft Dynamics SL use Construction Billing Entry for Schedule of Value (AIA) billing. It is possible to use Spitfire‘s SOV workbook on one project and Microsoft Dynamics SL on another project.

To use both the SOV workbook and Microsoft Dynamics SL:

To use Spitfire SOV:

  • Prerequisite: In System Admin | DocTypes, make the Pay Application Doc type ‘active‘.
  1. Commit your Project Setup document and save it.
  2. On the Project Setup, select Create Pay Application from the document‘s Option menu to create a Spitfire Pay Application document.
  3. Enter information, especially dates on the Dates tab.
  4. Save the Pay Application.
  5. Click the icon to open the SOV workbook.
  6. For more information, see the Focus on Schedule of Values (SOV) Billing guide.

To use Microsoft Dynamics SL Construction Billing Entry:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics SL, open Flexible Billing | Construction Billing Entry.
  2. In Project, enter your project ID.
  3. In Application, enter 0001.
  4. Save.
  5. Click the DocControl button to create a sfDoc on the Project Dashboard to link to your CBE Application.
  6. Back in Spitfire, the Project Contract‘s Option menu will now link to your CBE Schedule of Values and your Construction Billing Entry sfDoc will appear on the Project‘s Document List.

Additional Comments:

Note: Microsoft Dynamics – SL CBE posts directly to AR; Spitfire SOV requires a manual entry in AR.

KBA-01247; Last updated: September 26, 2017 at 12:52 pm;