KBA-01248: Project has Change Orders, so Create SOV option does not appear


Your Project Setup document is Committed, and Change Orders have been created. Therefore the Create SOV option is not available on the Project Setup‘s drop-down Options menu.


If using Microsoft Dynamics SL:

  1. Open Flexible Billing | Construction Billing Entry.
  2. Manually create Application 0001.

If using Spitfire SOV:

  1. Check that your SOV Doc type can be created from the Project Dashboard. If not, edit SOV DocType record in System Admin | DocType and enable the New from Dashboard option.
  2. Manually create your first SOV document and spreadsheet.

Additional Comments:

Spitfire does not allow the automatic creation of the Schedule of Values if approved, committed, or pending Change Orders exist on the project.  Why? Most Change Orders affect the Value of the line items on the Project Setup. Since the Schedule of Values autocreate is created from the Project Setup‘s line items, these line items will have already been updated by the existing Change Orders. Later when the Get Change Order option is used in the SOV, those same Change Orders will be available to be added to the SOV, thus updating the Contract Value twice. Therefore, Spitfire does not allow autocreate when Change Orders exists. This allows you to manually take control and make decisions on setting the Schedule of Value appropriately.

For Microsoft Dynamics SL integrated projects, if a record exists in BI.CNB, the Create SOV option will not appear.  Ask your implementer to help with an import.

KBA-01248; Last updated: September 26, 2017 at 12:53 pm;