KBA-01235: Controlling print area in BFA


How can I control what columns print from a BFA workbook? How can I select columns to print, to fit it to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet, for example?


If you are using Microsoft Office 2007:

In Office 2007, the Print Format ribbon is suppressed on the BFA workbook.  Therefore, print controls are limited to:

  • Changing the visibility of columns (on the Setup worksheet),
  • Adjusting the Zoom (on the Setup worksheet),
  • Exporting the data to another workbook, which will have the Print Format ribbon option available,
  • Using a supplemental workbook which has the Print Format ribbon option available.

For more information about the BFA workbook, see the Focus on the BFA Workbook guide.

If you are using Microsoft Office 2003:

By default BFA prints the all visible columns and rows. You can/should choose to hide the undesirable columns before printing.

However, as an alternate print method, you can use the Page area & Browse selector on the Setup Tab Sheet in BFA ( Main MenuViewSetup – Tab Sheet ) to set the desired print area. The dialog box, with its four tabs, provides complete control of the output.

You MUST use the print and print preview buttons on this tab for all printing of the desired selection. Hint: Try the following entry G:I,M:M,S:S,T:T,AO:AQ  then do a print preview.

These setting will remain in place on this tab, until either the Print or Print Preview from the Main Menu or Main Tool bar is used, in which case BFA replaces the print area with the visible columns and rows.  BFA must control print selection so that it can dynamically adjust the print area based on Filter and Column visibility selection.

Additional Comments:

Since no workbook (XLS) is ever saved, the Excel File | Print Area | Set Print Area feature cannot be used with BFA.

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