KBA-01324: Resolving: Runtime version does not match last published version


sfPMS displays a page that reads Sorry, SFPMS is not available at this time.  How do I correct this?


The message Sorry, SFPMS is not available at this time indicates the web application is running, but will not continue because of issues with the SQL server.  One specific cause is that the runtime version does not match the last published version. The runtime version is the version of the binary code that is currently running on the IIS server. The last published version is the version written by ICTool into the SQL database the last time an update was published.  When the two versions do not match, incompatibilities may exist. This version mismatch can happen if:

  • The SQL Database was restored from backup
  • The IIS Server file system was restored from backup
  • ICTool was run, but not allowed to apply the entire update

The situation is normally resolved by using ICTool to (re)publish the update.

Additional Comments:

If situations warrant, this message can be bypassed by finding the row in xsfConfig with key = LastPublishedVersion and setting the value of this row to blank.  Restart the IIS Application pool, and sfPMS will open.  The root cause still exists and downstream side effects of indeterminate severity may be encountered.

 update xc set value = '' from dbo.xsfConfig xc where [KEY] = 'LastPublishedVersion'

KBA-01324; Last updated: November 11, 2016 at 7:51 am;