KBA-01048: Why do all items on a Spitfire Document appear in the Microsoft Word printout?


I can configure Spitfire users so that they only see certain items (for example, if I make someone the responsible party for an item on a Punchlist, he will only see that item that he is responsible for when he opens the Punchlist in his Spitfire Inbox) but if I include items in my Bookmark Template then when the Microsoft Word printout is generated, all items appear.  The generated printout does not reflect the access level of the individual user.  Why is this?


Bookmark Template printouts in Microsoft Word do not reflect item-level access.  There are two ways that a Microsoft Word printout can be associated with a whole Spitfire Document:1) An Attachment template and 2) A Transmittal Cover template.

Attachment templates generate one printout that is accessible to all routees—there is no way they can dynamically reflect the access level of the current user.

Transmittal cover printouts are generated per routee, but they are intended to be summary/cover sheet files.  After generation, they too are accessible to anyone who can see that routee.  Again, it is impossible to update the previously generated Word file to reflect the net/intersection of Items that are available on the Items tab.

Item Cover templates, however, do reflect the access of users.  While Item Cover templates generate one printout per Item on a document, printouts are generated only for Items to which the user has access.

Additional Comments:

Keep these limitations in mind when designing your documents and templates.  For more information, see the Focus on Bookmark (Doc) Templates guide. Files and printouts that need dynamic item security are best served by dynamically generated, Report Server hosted reports.

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