KBA-01046: All users receive messages that login failed for user Spitfire


The dashboard loads and users enter their credentials.  No matter what user name and password are supplied, the following message is displayed:

Server Error in ‘sfPMS‘ Application.

Login failed for user ‘Spitfire‘.

Stack Trace:

[Exception: Login failed for user ‘Spitfire‘. in ]


The root of the problem is that the password stored in WEB.CONFIG does not match the password for the SQL ‘Spitfire‘ user — so when sfPMS attempts to use SQL the above error is returned.

To get the passwords in synch again:

  1. Open the Spitfire Installation and Configuration Tool (ICTOOL.exe).
  2. Enter a password in the SQL Spitfire Password field on the sfPMS tab.
  3. On the Finish tab, check that Configure sfPMS is selected (checked).
  4. Click Update Configuration.

Additional Comments:

Be sure that the login is not otherwise disabled in SQL and that SQL has been configured to allow SQL Authenticated logins (or mixed authentication).  The SQL setting for ‘Windows Authentication Only‘ is not supported.

KBA-01046;  Last updated: November 11, 2016 at 12:18 pm;