KBA-01084: Updating Spitfire Documents


Why can‘t I save changes and updates I made to a Spitfire Document?


When you are viewing the current revision of an open (i.e., not closed) Spitfire document, you are able to update the document only if

1. You created the document (and have the DOC | Owns documents created, routed, global (R) capability) OR

2. The current route is not at its destination AND you are the current routee and

  • 1. You have the DOC | Owns documents created, routed, globabl (S) role capability OR
  • 2. You are flagged as a collaborator (in the drop-down menu of your route sequence row) OR
  • 3. You are a proxy for the current routee and the actual user would have update rights to the document.  See KBA-01563.

Collaborators can see and edit all items on the document.  Non-collaborative users can be granted edit access to items they can see through the update permission of the DOC | Permissions for any item on the document capability.

Additional Comments:

Of course, a user with ‘special‘ permission on the Document Page (or with SYS | Global Access) is able to edit any document unless the document is held exclusively by another user.  Changes made by users are always recorded to the audit trail.

KBA-01084;  Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 11:27 am;
Keywords:  update;edit;change;modify, exclusivity