KBA-01557: Chromium ClickOnce Extension


Are there any extensions recommended for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge? How do I prevent the following message from appearing all the time:

This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep sfXXXX application anyway?


Windows Remix ClickOnce Handler allows Chromium Browsers to open ClickOnce .Application links.  This allows sfPMS to open native windows applications for you.

[Note: If that extension is not available, Spitfire also supports Meta4 ClickOnce Launcher .]
[Note: If the extension is installed but .Application links do nothing, see KBA-01800]

When using a Chromium Browser, the login page will recommend this extension if it is not detected:

Click the link above to add the extension to your browser.  Once you do, you’ll see:

Steps for Microsoft Edge (V80 and later)

Edge goes overboard with confirmations and also has to deal with using an extension from the Chrome Extension Store.  Here are some hints>

If you do not yet have the ClickOnce helper extension, you will see the recommendation message on the login panel.

FYI: Spitfire recommends this ClickOnce extension!

The link takes you to the Chrome Web Store.  Look for a link at the top to “allow extensions from other stores

Click the Allow button to confirm

The Add to Chrome button will appear – click it

Click Add Extension to confirm

The ClickOnce Extension Plugin installer will download.  Look for it in the Downloads Tray and click Open File

Return to the Login Panel.  Refresh and the helper extension should be detected (meaning the recommendation will no longer be displayed).  Proceed to login…
If you review your extensions in Edge, you will see the ClickOnce Helper.  You can visit its Details to limit sites to which it applies.


Note: be sure the Windows component part of the extension gets installed!  Some sites block this accidentally.  See step 10.B.i in KBA-01800 for troubleshooting steps.

Group Policy Hints

Spitfire certainly understands that using group policy to deploy extensions make a ton of sense.  There are various “how to” references.  We have heard that this 3rd party article can be helpful.  Please use at your own risk and discretion.


KBA-01557; Last updated: July 14, 2022 at 15:10 pm