KBA-01667: Register Now Exclusive to Another User


When I tried to save a new Item on my Change Order document, I got a message Cannot add now: register now exclusive to another user….try saving again. What does that mean?


In order to add a new Item to a Submittal or Change Order, a few seconds of exclusive access to the corresponding register is required (because the Item is actually being added to the project register). If the system cannot obtain the required exclusive access at the moment, you get this message.

Since registers (Change Item Register, Submittal Item Register) share Items among many documents, a register cannot obtain the required exclusive access if  someone is already in the process of saving a new Item to a document that is linked to that same register. For example, if you try to save a new Item on Change Order B while someone is saving a new Item to Change Order A on the same project, you would get that message. In normal use, the exclusive hold on the register is fleeting as users save. If you see this message, wait a short while then try to save your document again.

If the message persists, open the corresponding register. Is the save icon red? If so, find out who has exclusive access to the register, so you can contact them. If no one else is using the register, contact your IT team and point them to KBA-01559.

To summarize why this message appears:

  1. Someone else was saving a new Item of the same type to the same project.
  2. Someone else has exclusive access to the project item register.
  3. The IIS and SQL server clocks are not adequately synchronized.

Additional Comments:

For more information on document exclusivity, see Document Exclusive Update Rights and KBA-01467.

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