KBA-01666: Message When LDAP-Authenticated Users Try to Reset Passwords


Can we display a custom message if an LDAP-authenticated person tries to reset their password before login?


Yes.  A link appears on the login screen allowing users to reset their passwords if they forget them. However, if your users are authenticated through LDAP (for example, Microsoft Active Directory) and they click the link to reset their passwords, they will get the following message by default:

Sorry–this user authenticates via a directory service. Change or recover the password using that system.

You can change this message:

  1. Go to the Catalog Dashboard.
  2. Select the Files filter (checkbox).
  3. Select the zPublicHtml folder.
  4. Find the sspr-viaLDAP.htm file.
  5. Click the pen icon on the sspr-viaLDAP.htm file and use the HTML editor to change the message.
  6. Save.

Additional Comments:

If you do not find the zPublicHtml folder:

  1. Create the folder.
  2. Use any HTML Editor to create a file named sspr-viaLDAP.htm . The file should contain HTML markup, but should not include <HEAD> or <BODY> tags since the HTML will be merged inside the existing page.
  3. Upload sspr-viaLDAP.htm to your Spitfire Catalog, placed in the zPublicHtml folder.

You can take advantage of the sfPMS style sheet and jQuery (Be sure to wait for document.ready()!). For additional help, contact your Spitfire implementer.

KBA-01565; Last updated: September 20, 2017 at 8:52 am;

Keywords:  Active Directory, LDAP authenticated, authentication, change password