KBA-01089: Reusing Prepared Report Selection Criteria


I have users who need to run their report and do not want to have to specify the report parameters every time.  How can I streamline their reports?


The general concept is to use SQL Reporting Services Report Manager to create a “Linked Report” for the Spitfire (or any) report you wish to customize for the user.  The tasks described here are advanced administrative tasks that require administrative access to Spitfire, SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services.

In SQL Reporting Services Report Manager:

  1. Optionally, create a folder inside the Spitfire Base folder – you might use this folder to hold all the customized reports for a specific user.  You can then use the Report Folder tool on the System Admin dashboard to limit access to this new folder to the appropriate user(s).
  2. Create the linked report as follows.
  3. Find and open the original report.  For example, Spitfire reports are usually in the _Library folder; you might pick the Meeting Minutes report.
  4. Click on the Properties tab.
  5. Click the Create Linked Report button.
  6. Provide a name and description (which will be seen by users).
  7. Change the location, perhaps to the new location created in step 1 above.
  8. Click OK.  You will now be viewing the linked report.
  9. Click the Properties tab on the new linked report.
  10. Click Parameters (on the left hand side under the tabs) to access the parameters page; if parameters is not included, the report you are setting up will not have any parameters.
  11. You can provide values for various parameters to customize the report.
  12. You can uncheck the prompt user checkbox to ‘lock down‘ a particular parameter.
  13. The pCurrentUser parameter should be set to the GUID of the user and locked down.  The value can be found in SQL using Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer to obtain the string value of the xsfUser.UserKey value that identifies the user.
  14. Return to the View tab and verify your work.
  15. Optionally, set up report history and subscriptions (perhaps emailing the report to the user on a weekly basis).

Additional Comments:

The Linked Report security can be customized to limit interactive access via report manager to certain individuals.  Be certain to include the Spitfire Report User (as configured in ICTool) if this linked report is to be run from sfPMS.  Spitfire provides WAN access to reports, whereas Report Manager only provides Intranet access.

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