KBA-01087: Why are reports not printing?


Spitfire reports are not printing; how can I check Spitfire‘s report configuration in SQL Reporting Services?


Troubleshooting Tips

In Spitfire:

  1. Check Report Folders on the System Admin Dashboard to be sure that Spitfire users have permissions to the Report Folders.
  2. Check with your System Administrator to be sure that you are included in one of the roles that has access to the Report Folders.
  3. Particularly if you see “parameter needs a valid value”, try KBA-01594 to troubleshoot filters

In SQL Reporting Services:

  1. Check that SQL Report Services are running by opening a new browser window and connecting directly to Report Services.  http://sqlservername/reports
  2. Check that Spitfire Reports are installed in Reporting Services.
    Back during installation in ICTool, you specified a Base Folder for your Spitfire reports; the default is Spitfire. Check that your Spitfire folder exists and that you have the following basic folders in the Base Folder: _Library, General, and Admin.
  3. Try running a report directly in Reporting Services.
  4. If the error reads
      1. rsReportServerDatabaseLogonFailed, Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052E) and the report parameters are not displayed, the error is likely that the ‘Execution Account‘ credentials are no longer valid. 
        1. Use the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and find Execution Account on the bottom of the left hand side task navigation pane. 
        2. Either update these credentials or remove (uncheck) them.  Spitfire Reports do not require a value here.
      2. rsErrorOpeningConnection, the error is likely with the credentials used to pull data for the report
        1. Go to the _Library folder and click on the sfDocSys data source item. On the Properties page, check that
          1. data source = your SQL server in the connection string correctly matches the name of the SQL server.
          2. initial catalogyour Spitfire database name in the connection string correctly matches the name of the Spitfire Project Management database for this site.
          3. the user is SpitfireRO.
          4. and the password here in Reporting Services matches the SpitfireRO user in MS SQL Server.
        2. In SQL Management Studio, verify that SpitfireRO is a user of the database (see Initial Catalog in #2 above) and that the SpitfireReports role is selected for the SpitfireRO user.

On your workstation:

  1. Check that Adobe Reader is installed. Spitfire prints its reports in a browser window as PDF reports; you‘ll need Adobe Reader or another software package that reads PDF files.

Additional Comments:

The Spitfire Installation and Configuration Tool (ICTool.exe) will configure Spitfire Reports in SQL Reporting Services when you click on the Configure RS button on the SQL RS tab. That‘s when the sfDocSys data source item is created.  As long as sfDocSys exists in the _Library folder and uses the SpitfireRO user credentials, ICTool will update it each time you publish.  If you wish to deploy custom connection properties, you must change the username to something other than SpitfireRO.

KBA-01087;  Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 13:49 pm;