KBA-01846: How to Add a Custom Entry to Site Menus


The Create Document, Help, and Site Tools | Other Tools menus on your Spitfire site can be modified to hold custom entries. These menus are found in the following locations. Note: Options for the Site Tool | Other Tools menu are not recommended for Classic UI because extra steps are required.

In Power UX:

Note: if there is only one option for Other Tools, that option will appear directly in the Site Tools section, as shown in the second picture.


In Classic UI:

How to Add Entries:

There is currently no UI for adding entries to this menu.  You can do this using a tool such as SQL Management Studio or Azure Data Studio, for example:

The columns are

  • MenuItemKey — a GUID that will be filled in automatically.
  • DocTypeKey — the relevant Doc type GUID.  This enables support for user-based permission sensitivity and site name substitution. You can get the value from the System Admin Doc Type tool.
  • ContainerKey — unused at this time; leave NULL.
  • MenuPath — generally a backslash (\) or Help|
  • MenuItemID — a unique number. Important: your custom entries should use ODD numbers!
  • MenuSeq — a number that determines where the menu choice is placed.
    • 22-25 — The Site Tools | Other Tools Menu
    • 26-29 — The Help menu.
    • 100-199 —  The Create Document Menu
  • ItemText — the text for the menu. Note that $$DTSN is replaced by the Doc type site name.
  • TipText — the optional additional descriptive text.
  • ActionText — the command that gets run. (In the example below; $$DTK gets replaced by the Doc type GUID.) Examples:
    • javascript:PopNewDoc(‘$$DTK’,’$APPROOT’,”)
    • https://www.cnn.com/
  • UCModule — the xsfUCFunction module for permission-sensitive entries.
  • UCFunction — the xsfUCFunction UCNAME for permission-sensitive entries.
  • RequiredPermit — a bit masked level on the above capability:
    • 1=Read;
    • 2=Ins;
    • 4=Update;
    • 8=Delete,
    • 16=Special.
  • Active — must be 1.
  • SiteActive — is 0 for inactive or 1 for Active.


KBA-01846; Last updated: February 22, 2024 at 11:01 am