KBA-01103: Potentially dangerous Request.Cookies


When I log in I get a message about a  ‘Potentially dangerous Request.Cookies value was detected from the client‘.  What‘s happening?


Spitfire generates a cookie based on many variables including the User‘s Login.  On rare occassions, the combination of these variables produces a ‘cookie‘ that the client workstation rejects.


  • Delete the cookie and change the User‘s Login. Even changing the mixture of upper and lower case letters used when logging in should be sufficient.

Additional Comments:

Spitfire tests cookies to ensure that a cookie that might be regarded as ‘dangerous‘ is not generated by Spitfire; but as algorithms for testing cookies on client workstations change, this issue may occur. If you do experience this issue, contact Support.

KBA-01103; Last updated: October 14, 2016 at 12:35 pm;