KBA-01128: Logging into Microsoft Dynamics SL from Spitfire


When I access Microsoft Dynamics SL (DSL) from Spitfire, I‘m asked to login to DSL even though I‘m already logged into DSL. Why?
When I open a Microsoft Dynamics SL (DSL) from Spitfire, I get a System Message 10232 Assertion Failure from DSL.  Why?


Logging into Dynamics SL from Spitfire is no longer supported.  Spitfire has moved further into the internet and browser world.  Dynamics SL is an deprecated Windows Desktop application.   Not to worry, there are workarounds!

Setup and Preparation

The procedure for each new workstation is to do the following one time:

  1. Run Microsoft Dynamics SL and log in to verify that it works on the workstation.  Then log out.
  2. Reboot the workstation – CRITICAL because DSL crashes leave a ton of ghost tasks.
  3. Log into Spitfire, open the Batch Viewer and click on the AP301 button (Voucher Entry).  This allows Spitfire to update all the files it needs.
  4. Log out of Spitfire.
  5. Reboot the workstation again.

Henceforth, your user should run DSL first before logging into Spitfire.


Here‘s a list of items to check to make sure your Spitfire and DSL applications are synched:

  1. Check that your DSL Shared/Network files (location of parent.exe) includes a SF folder. This is the folder that contains the Spitfire files required for integration with DSL.
  2. Check that your workstation has a Solomon.ini file. The default location is the C:windows folder. This is your user Solomon.ini file, which records the CompanyID and UserLogin last used on this workstation.
  3. Check that your workstation‘s path to parent.exe is accurately recorded on your workstation. (See KBA-01066.)
  4. Check that your workstation has the correct version of Spitfire Extensions. (See KBA-01028.)

Additional Comments:

Spitfire Installation and Configuration Tool (ICTool) installs the SF folder and the DSL Customization to the DSL path entered on the Dynamics SL tab of the ICTool. If you re-install DSL or move it to a new location, be sure to update ICTool and run the Update Configuration to update your new DSL files.

KBA-01128; Last updated: April 12, 2024 at 15:28 pm;