KBA-01137: How can I make a change to the Spitfire Database that will not get overwritten by a new Update?


If I make a change directly in the Spitfire database using SQL Query Analyzer or SQL Enterprise Manager, how do I ensure that the next Spitfire update with a sfPMS package doesn‘t overwrite my changes?


Most site configuration changes can be made in the System Admin Dashboard. There are a few items that still aren‘t configurable in the UI, but could be configured directly in the SQL database. Changes made directly in the SQL database, however, are very likely to be overwritten when a new sfPMS package is delivered with a Spitfire Update.The workaround is to add your change to the Site_Wrapup.sql file.  Follow these steps:

  1. Use Windows Explorer to open the ../InstallBase/CfgTool/Data folder.
  2. Create a folder inside the data folder that matches the system name.  For example, if your server name is HAL9000, create the folder ../InstallBase/CfgTool/Data/HAL9000
  3. Copy Site_Wrapup.sql from the data folder to your new folder.
  4. Edit the new file in your folder.
  5. Changes in this file will be applied by the ICTool each time a Spitfire Update is installed.

Here‘s a sample Site_Wrapup.sql file that allows you to create new Subcontract Change Orders from the Project Dashboard:

— << USE $$SQLDBN$$
— you can add commands to re-apply site specific mods here;
— you can make use of USE directives and INCLUDE directives
UPDATE dbo.xsfDocTYpe SET newfromdashboard = 1 WHERE doctypekey = ‘234D47B9-A189-414E-A072-A4A82A6D850D‘

The bolded line is the line that was added to Site_Wrapup.sql. This line updates the newfromdashboard field to 1.

Additional Comments:

Changes made in the Site_Wrapup.sql file will apply to all Spitfire sites that use the same ../InstallBase files. So if you have one set of InstallBase files and two sites (Live and Test), the Site_Wrapup.sql file will update (or reset) both the Live and the Test databases every time the ICTool updates the site. See KBA-01325 for a better explanation of the USE directive.

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