KBA-01138: Adding multiple files with the Add Files tool all with the same note


I have three or four files that I‘d like to attach to a Spitfire document. They all deal with the same topic and I want all of them to have the same note and be placed in the same folder. Do I have to add the note and pick a folder for each file?


No.  If you do things in the following order, you can specify the note and select the folder once.

If you have multiple files to attach to a Spitfire document (or upload to the Spitfire Catalog):

  1. Open the Add Files tool.
  2. Move to the General tab.
  3. Enter a Note that will be the default for each file in this bundle.
  4. Select a Folder that will be the default for each file in your bundle.
  5. Move to the File tab.
  6. Drag-and-drop your files or use the Browse button to select your files.
  7. Click the Checkmark button on the toolbar to upload the files.

General Rule:

If you select the files first; then you‘ll need to (be able to) enter information for each file,
if you enter your General tab information first and then select your files, the information will default to each file.

Additional Comments:

For more information about the Add Files tool, see the Focus on Files, Attachments and the Catalog Dashboard.

KBA-01138; Last updated: October 13, 2016 at 8:33 am;
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