KBA-01143: Customizing the Report Header


Can I customize the report header?


Yes.  Spitfire reports use three common elements from the _Library folder in SQL Reporting Services.

  1. ReportHeader.gif – an image 360 pixels wide by 45 pixels high.  A blank image is provided.
  2. ReportLogo.gif – an image 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. A blank image is provided.
  3. ReportHeaderCompany.rdl – a ‘subreport‘ that is 45 pixels high.  Enter your text (Company Name) in the sfPMS tab of the Spitfire Configuration Tool (ICTool) to populate the ReportHeaderCompany.rdl.

Additional Comments:

Hint: You can instruct Report Server to cache the ReportHeaderCompany subreport.  Look under Execution Properties and select the Cache a temporary copy of the report. Expire copy of report after a number of minutes: radio button.See KBA-01223 for instructions.

KBA-01143; Last updated: November 14, 2016 at 13:03 pm;

Keywords:  customize reporting logo; report logo; logo size