KBA-01677: Unlinking Documents/Projects


How do I remove from the Attachment tab a document that is attached to another document?
If I have a parent/child relationship with two documents and no longer want that relationship, how do I unlink the projects?


When you link a Project Setup document or a Bid document to another project’s Project Setup document (as explained in the Data and Equipment Projects technical white paper), documents will end up attached on each other’s Attachment tab.


To remove a document from the Attachment tab of another document:

  1. Select Unattach from the Attachment’s Option menu:
  2. Save your document. The attached document and the reciprocal document on the other document’s Attachment tab will both be removed.  Projects will no longer be linked, nor maintain a parent/child relationship.

Note: the Unattach option works to remove documents even when there isn’t a linked/reciprocal relationship. In no case is the document deleted from the Catalog; it is merely removed as an attached document.

KBA-01677; Last updated: November 18, 2016 at 8:49 am;