KBA-01678: Version Update Procedure for Acumatica ERP


My sfPMS Site is integrated to Acumatica.  How do we upgrade the Acumatica version?


Here is our recommended best practice:

  1. On the sfPMS IIS server, open an admin command window and NET STOP sfATC (or use the Windows Server Services UI).
  2. If necessary, first update sfPMS to a version that supports the new version of Acumatica.  (See KBA- 01650)
  3. Important: In Acumatica, if you have published a version of the Spitfire Integration customization you must uninstall this customization and reinstall again after the upgrade.  This is an Acumatica requirement for all customization.
  4. Update Acumatica.
  5. Back on the sfPMS IIS server, open ICTool:
    1. Got to ICTool’s XTS Setup tab.
    2. Change the Partner ID drop down from A4 to A7
    3. Click Edit XTS Config;
      1. Change all A4 rows to A7
      2. Find (or add) a row with A7 | WS.Version | C | -1 | 18.107.0472. The Value on this row should be your new Acumatica version.  Be sure to include all zeros – they matter!
    4. Remember to save and then close the form.
    5. Go to the FINISH tab and publish sfPMS as usual.
  6. Since you manually did a NET STOP, now NET START sfATC.
  7. In Acumatica, republish the Spitfire Customization (or AR sync will fail)

XTS Settings Grid


Additional Comments:

Contact us for assistance with your upgrade.

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