KBA-01371: Single Instance Doc Types


Why can‘t I create a second Budget document before I approve the current one?


Since budget revisions, forecasts and period distributions depend on the prior state when the snapshot is created, many users get confused if they have more than one open Budget (or Forecast) document at a time.  For example, they may end up with unexpected (but technically correct) results if the documents are posted out of order. In order to avoid such situations, the system now limits certain Doc types to only one document of that type with an Open/In Process/Pending status at a time.  Once you Approve or close that document, you can create another document of that Doc type.  If you try to create a second document of that Doc type while the document remains open, the system will display the message:

Your site only allows a single document of this type to remain open for a given project. Please resolve the prior document before creating another

And then the prior document will open for review.

Additional Comments:

You can change this behavior using the DocTypeConfig | AllowSingleOpen rule.  See KBA-01154.

KBA-01371; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 13:30 pm;
Keywords:  budget documents, forecast documents