KBA-01341: Using Source Contact in Predefined Routes


What happens if I include the Doc Source Contact role in an predefined route, considering that when a new document is first created, there might be no source contact yet?


If the Doc Source Contact role is included in a predefined route, and the document itself does not have a source contact, the predefined route will be ignored.  However, if the auto-reroute feature is enabled for that Doc type, then sfPMS will check for predefined routes every time the document is saved.  So, after a Source Contact is entered and the document is saved, the predefined route with the Doc Source Contact routee will be added to the document.
For example, if you set up the following route for a Pay Request (using the Routes tool on the Manage Dashboard):KBA01341_1

And you set the DocTypeConfig |AutoReroute rule to 1 for Pay Requests (using the Rules tool on the System Admin Dashboard):


Then when you first create a Pay Request, your route would look like this:


However, after you looked up a Commitment and saved (thus providing a Source Contact), the predefined route would be added to the document:


KBA-01341; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 9:14 am;