KBA-01340: Deleting the Budget and Work-Breakdown-Structure


My approved Initial Budget is all wrong.  Can I get rid of that one and start over? Can I remove all my cost codes (work-breakdown-structure) and start again?


Yes.  Spitfire offers the option to “clear budget.”  This changes the status of your Initial Budget document from Approved to Canceled, allowing you to create another Initial Budget with its own BFA workbook.  Clearing the budget also removes all cost codes from the project.  (The Cost Code Maintenance window will be empty.)
Note: If your budget is not yet Approved, “clearing the budget” does not remove data from the BFA.  In this case, you may choose to delete the Budget document from the Catalog also or work with what you already have in BFA.  Your choice would likely be based upon how extensive your changes will be.

Note: if your project already has change orders, the system will not allow you to proceed.  Contact support to discuss options.

To cancel an Approved Budget:

  1. Open the Project Setup/Contract.
  2. Select Clear Budget from the Document Options menu:
    Note: this choice appears only to those with permission to clear the budget.
  3. A confirmation box will appear.  Make sure you really want to remove your project budget data.  If you do, click OK.

Once the Project Dashboard is refreshed, you will see that your Initial Budget document has a status of Canceled.  You can create a new Budget, change the description to Replacement Initial Budget, and enter budget data (including new cost codes) into the BFA workbook again.

To delete an unapproved budget:

  1. Follow the steps above.  Because the Initial Budget was not approved when you cleared it, it will remain on your Project Dashboard.  Your cost codes, however, will be removed from the project.
  2. Go to the Catalog and use the filters to find the Budget document.
  3. Delete the document.  Make sure you really want to do this.
  4. Save in order to make the deletion permanent.

Back at your Project Dashboard, you‘ll notice that you do not have any Budget documents.  You can now create a new Budget and enter budget data (including new cost codes) into the BFA workbook again.

Additional Comments:

Clearing the budget is meant for situations when you need to start anew with a different Initial Budget.  Normally, changes to your Initial Budget should be made through budget revisions.

For required permissions, see project-setup-specific-capabilities

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