KBA-01148: Add Files in Bulk Mode


When I‘m setting up Spitfire and have lots of files for all my projects, is there a way to speed up the file load using the Add Files tool?


The Spitfire Add Files tool does a validation check as you add files to upload to the Catalog. If you are in a scenario where you are loading to start up your Spitfire installation (or the initial load of files for a new project), you can by-pass the checks and speed up the process by activating BulkMode.

To activate BulkMode for the Add Files tool:

  1. Create a c:spitfire folder on your workstation.  
  2. In the c:spitfire folder, create a new text file with the name: sfAddFilesBulkMode.dev.
    Note:Check that Windows isn’t hiding “known” extensions and that your new file isn’t really sfAddFilesBulkMode.dev.txt.

Additional Comments:

Add Files will prompt each time it is open

‘Bulk mode is enabled on this workstation: Skip optional validations?‘

Respond Yes for faster loading or No to operate in standard mode.

KBA-01148; Last updated: November 16, 2016 at 9:36 am;
Keywords:  Catalog initial file load