KBA-01142: Shortcut Keys for Dates


Can I use any shortcut keys in the Date fields?


Spitfire has always had a calendar pop-up to help you pick a date, but there are also shortcut key combinations to help you enter dates quickly:

Type… To enter…
= Today
=+1 Tomorrow
=+2 The day after tomorrow and so on =+3, =+4,
=-1 Yesterday‘s Date  =-2 is the day before yesterday and so on =-3, =-4)
22 The 22nd of the current month (any number between 1 and 31 will work depending upon the number of days in the month)
10/12 10/12/2007 (if you enter a valid mm/dd, the current year is added)

Additional Comments:

Note: The shortkeys for Dates do NOT apply to the Date fields in the Routing grid.

KBA-01142; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 11:28 am;