KBA-01198: Why does Spitfire close when I close the BFA workbook in Microsoft Excel?


When I‘m working in the BFA workbook (Microsoft Excel), Spitfire shuts down whenever I close the Excel spreadsheet. Why?


Check the workstation‘s Event Log. If error messages point to a problem with biolsp.dll, you may have a conflict with Microsoft Office 2003 and Embassy Trust Suite by Wave Systems. Embassy Trust Suite is shipping on some new Dell computers/laptops. This conflict is causing all browsers to close when Excel is closed. Check with your system administrator for a resolution:

  • A hot fix may now be available for Embassy Trust Suite
  • Your System Admin may be using a different security package and therefore, you may be able to remove the software from your computer.

KBA-01198; Last updated: October 14, 2016 at 13:46 pm;
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