KBA-01202: Automatic creation of Spitfire AP Voucher Documents


When does Spitfire create a voucher document for a Microsoft Dynamics SL AP Voucher?


Spitfire creates AP vouchers in one of two ways, both of which require the current user to be defined as a Spitfire user.

  1. When a user is entering vouchers in Microsoft Dynamics SL Voucher and Adjustment Entry (03.010.00) and is also logged into Spitfire on the same workstation, each voucher saved will create a corresponding Spitfire document.
  2. When vouchers are created from other sources (PO Receipt / Subcontract Payment Review and Approval), a SQL Trigger checks for the following.  If all conditions are met, the Spitfire Voucher document is created.  In practice, this trigger catches Payment Requests vouchers.
    1. Is the Microsoft Dynamics SL user also an active Spitfire user?
    2. Is the Vendor available as a Spitfire Contact?
    3. Is a project on the Voucher Header?

Additional Comments:

While it is not possible to have vouchers that are entered by a given user sometimes create Spitfire documents and sometimes not, it is possible to use workflow features to deal with the documents.  Create a routing rule (in a predefined route) for the vendors or companies that do not need processing on the Spitfire Voucher documents.  Start the routing with a sfATC workflow script that closes the documents and ends the routing.  The documents will then be in the catalog, but not in anyone‘s Inbox.  For more information, see the Focus on Routes and Automatic Workflow guide.

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