KBA-01260: Processing Inbound Email Attachments


Why did the attachment on my email not get cataloged?


Inbound attachments are skipped in the following situations:

  • The attachment is ineligible for Spitfire and is therefore ignored because
    • The attachment name is
      • DocBody.doc or DocPrint.pdf
      • WinMail.DAT (Microsoft TNEF eMail format),
    • The attachment does not have a name
    • The attachment‘s file type extension (e.g. .xls or .pdf, etc.) is not specified as one of the FileCatalogConfig | InboundEmail:ext rules.  See KBA-01265 and KBA-01531.
    • The attachment‘s size is smaller than the number of KB specified by the corresponding FileCatalogConfig | InboundEmail:ext rule. See KBA-01265.
    • The attachment is empty or there is no MIME encoded data in the email package for the attachment.  Links to resources on another server are ignored.
  • The attachment is an exact binary match to a version currently attached to the document.
  • The document already has an attachment with the same name and someone else already has the attachment checked out.  sfATC must be able to check out the current file so it can check in your new version.

Additional Comments:

The email acknowledgement sent by Spitfire will usually indicate the reason a relevant attachment could not be processed.  If the missing attachment is not named, then it was likely considered an ineligible attachment.

KBA-01260; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 12:20 pm;