KBA-01262: How to replicate a folder structure from a network drive to the Spitfire catalog

Purpose & Scope:

Use Spitfire‘s sfLoadFile utility to create folders in the Spitfire Catalog based on an existing set of folders you already have on your local or network drive.


To replicate a folder structure from a network drive to the Spitfire Catalog:

  1. Download the sfLoadFile zip file from the Spitfire Download page at www.spitfiremanagement.com/only/download/downloads.htm
  2. Extract the files to a convenient folder that you can access in a DOS command window (for example: c:sfLoadFile).
  3. Map a drive to the network or local folder (for example: z:sfTestNet).
  4. In the Spitfire Catalog, create the top-level folder into which you want to create the folder structure (for example: sfTest).
  5. Open a DOS command window.
  6. Navigate to the drive and folder where the sfLoad File files are located (in our example: c:sfLoadFile).
  7. Run the following command with the appropriate switches:

sfLoadFile -sSQLServer -dsfDocSys -c/SpitfireDev -mD:SpitfireDev*.nXn -pGC123003 –n

Note: Using the mask *.nxn will upload the folders and none of the files in the folders, since no files will match the mask *.nxn.


-s    the SQL server name **
-d    the Spitfire database name  ***
-c    the target folder into which the new folders are placed; must start with a slash (/) and end with a semicolon (;)
-p    required and must a be an active project (Note: the project is not actually used in this scenario)
-n    to process the tree
-v    for verbose output
-m   the source path and mask, must be last (spaces allowed)

**  SQL Server name should not contain any spaces.  If so, run the utility from the SQL server and substitute (local) for the SQL Server name, for example:  -s(local).

***  Uses a trusted connection to SQL (DBO access required).

Additional Comments:

This tool can also be used to upload files. Modify the mask in the -m switch to a valid extension to load files that match the mask.C:>sfLoadFile -sSTANY2012 -dsfSalesDocSys -pGC0005 -n -c/; -mD:tempCatalogExporttest*.*

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