KBA-01312: Can I create a Commitment Change Order (CCO) outside of a Change Order?


I know I can create a Commitment Change Order (CCO) from a Proposed Change Order or a Change Order, but can I create a CCO independently without creating a Change Order?


Yes.  You should be able to find the CCO Doc type on the list on the Project Dashboard.  You can create the CCO independently from Change Orders.

Additional Comments:

Spitfire uses Commitment and CCO as default names.  Your site may have renamed these Doc type names. Common configuration changes for these Doc type names include:

  • Subcontract and Subcontract Change Order (SCO)
  • Contract and Contract Change Order
  • Project Purchase Order and Project PO Change Order

KBA-01312; Last updated: November 10, 2016 at 8:09 am;
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