KBA-01313: How can I block Labor Transaction Drill-down?


When drilling-down to Transaction Detail on the BFA (Budget, Forecast and Analysis) workbook or the Cost Analysis Summary on the Project Dashboard, Labor transaction details include Employee Name, Hours(Units) and Amount.  How can I block access to this information?


Spitfire‘s capabilities are additive, so instead of ‘blocking‘ access, you simply do not include access to this information in the user‘s role. To edit a user‘s role capabilities, use the Roles tool on the System Admin Dashboard. Two capabilities and a Special permission control access rights to Labor Transactions:

  • PAGE | Transaction Detail  (Allow permission)
    Allow access to the Drill-down
  • LIST | Can see Labor Transactions
    If Transaction Detail is enabled, this capability allows Labor Transactions to be included
  • PAGE | Transaction Detail  (Special permission)
    If ‘Can see Labor Transactions‘ is granted to the user, this permission then allows the Employee Name to display. Without the Special permission, the Employee Name field is displayed as ********.

Additional Comments:

For more information about role capabilities, see the technical white paper Designing User Roles.

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