KBA-01317: How does the Project Status in Spitfire correspond to the Project Status in Microsoft Dynamics SL?


If I change the status of the Project Setup (a.k.a. Project Contract) in Spitfire, will the status of my project in Microsoft Dynamics SL change?


Whether or not the status of the project in Microsoft Dynamics SL changes depends upon the mapping that you have configured in Spitfire.  In Spitfire, your Project Setup/Contract document can have an unlimited number of Status Codes, but in mapping to a peer (such as Microsoft Dynamics SL), the Status Codes are limited to the following:

  • A  = Active,
  • C   = Completed (not used with Microsoft Dynamics)
  • M  = Plan,
  • I    = Inactive,
  • T   = Terminate,
  • P   = Purge,
  • D   = Delete
  • NA  = Unchanged.

Therefore, the ProjectConfig | PAStatusMap rule (found in the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard) allows you to map Spitfire Project Setup/Contract statuses to Microsoft Dynamics SL project statuses.

By default, Spitfire sets the project in Microsoft Dynamics SL to A (Active).  Therefore, if you‘d like to change the status of the Microsoft Dynamics SL project to I (Inactive) or M (Plan), you will need to enter a ProjectConfig | PAStatusMap rule.

For example, if you have a DocStatus of C (Cancelled) on your Spitfire Project Setup/Contract and you‘d like the Microsoft Dynamics SL status to be set to I (Inactive), enter the following::

Rule                Filter Value                   Result Value
PAStatusMap                   C                                I


When the Project Setup/Contract‘s status is set to Canceled, the Project Status in Microsoft Dynamics SL is set to I (Inactive).

Additional Comments:

Spitfire also supports NA as the result of the PAStatusMap rule.  When the result is NA, Spitfire leaves the Microsoft Dynamics SL value in pjproj.status_pa unchanged.

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