KBA-01505: Bookmark to print a Date from another Doc Type


If you have a date on the Dates tab of one Doc type and you‘d like to print that date on the template of another Doc type, you can create a bookmark in a WordTemplateConfig rule for that date.

Here‘s an example: On the Bid document on my project, the Date tab includes the date that all the RFQs from Vendors are due: Bids Due from Subs. And since it‘s only one date (vs. a range with a Start and Finish Date), the Start Date field is used for the Bid Due from Subs date and the Finish Date field is inactive.

When the RFQs are sent to the Subs, the Bid Due from Subs date should be included on all the RFQ templates.


You will need some GUIDs (Global Unique Indentifier) to create the new bookmark: the DateType‘s GIUD, and the DocType‘s GUID.

Rule Filter Result Value
DocMasterDetail.SubDue ‘=@DV(DateStart,0001,[DocHeader_Project],6d384462-6c13-42c5-a744-8e70dbd7e95d,4bf304c6-8aaf-4ff3-a464-a389fb0c09f2)‘

Note the ‘ (single quote mark) at the beginning and the end of the Result Value. Single quote marks are required and make the Result Value one entry to pass through to the SQL Server for evaluation.

The Doc Type GUID is available from System Admin | Doc Types: click on the key icon to paste the GUID to the clipboard.

The Date Type GUID can be found in the Spitfire database in the xsfDocDateType file.

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KBA-01505; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:16 pm 
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