KBA-01319: Via Excel: This document type does not allow new items to be imported


Why can‘t I add Items to my Pay Request using the Via Excel option?
When can I add Items to my Commitment Change Order (CCO) using the Via Excel option?
Why can‘t I specify Item Numbers for new rows using Via Excel?


When rows (items) are added to a Spitfire document using Via Excel, the Item Numbers are automatically assigned by Spitfire.  If the data in your Spitfire Item File includes values in the Item Number column for new rows then the import will stop because those item numbers must be removed.The easiest illustration as to why this is so important is the relationship between line item numbers across documents.  For example, the line items in Pay Requests and Commitment Change Order (CCO) documents must be associated with corresponding lines in the original Commitment (Subcontract) document.

Generally, when working with these Doc types you would start with the Get All option (found on the Items Options menu on the Items tab of the document) to pull in all the Items.  After that, you can use the Via Excel option to copy your Items to Microsoft Excel, where you can edit them.  While the document status is In Process, you can add lines to the CCO using Via Excel. These lines will be numbered to append to the Commitment when the CCO is approved.

If you would like to remove certain lines, this can be accomplished from Microsoft Excel also.  See the  White Paper (found on the Spitfire Help Menu) entitled Spitfire Item Templates (for Via Excel) for more information on creating appropriate templates for use with the Via Excel option.

Additional Comments:

If you attempt to add rows to the Pay Request Doc type or specify a specific value for a new item number, processing will stop.  The Items Via Microsoft Excel dialog box stays open so that you can re-open the workbook to review/correct the data and retry.  You can also close the dialog box to discard all changes.

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