KBA-01318: Using Microsoft Excel to Edit Spitfire Document Line Items


sfPMS allows you to take advantage of Microsoft Excel files to input Items using templates. See KBA-01629.


Spitfire (sfPMS) has no hard limit to the number of Items that can be stored in a document.  We have clients who routinely work with over 500 line items.  Our browser interface and filters make accessing these documents from any location possible, but the browser interface is not always the most productive way to enter and edit many lines items quickly. That is why Spitfire included the ‘Via Excel‘ feature (available on the Items Option drop-down menu).  When this feature was used, the document would automatically close and Microsoft Excel would open with rows of data that corresponded to the Items in the document. You could edit columns and even add rows.  When you closed the spreadsheet, Spitfire would update the original document. The default functionality could be enhanced by creating your own Spitfire Item Templates in Microsoft Excel (which can now be converted to Attachment templates).

Additional Comments:

See the technical white paper, Spitfire Item Templates (for Via Excel), for information about creating templates.  It is available from the Help menu of the Spitfire Dashboard.

KBA-01318; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:59 pm;
Keywords:  via excel, many items, item import, item export