KBA-01328: How to set the order of the tabs on a Spitfire Document

Purpose & Scope:

Re-ordering the default tab order on a Spitfire document to suit your preference.


  1. Select the UI Configuration (formerly Customization) tool from the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Click the Doc Types checkbox then select the Doc Type in which you want to reorder the tabs.
  3. Click the Part checkbox then select Doc Tabs.
  4. Check Show Live Configuration.
  5. Check Show Advanced to make the advanced configuration feature set visible. There is a field there for sequence.
  6. Add a new line for each of the Tabs (Address Tab, Attendee Tab, etc. on the Items drop-down), giving each a sequence number in the Seq field.  Tabs on the document will appear in ascending order by sequence number.  Any tabs on the document not given a sequence number will appear first.
  7. Accept your changes then save your customization.

Tab order before configuration

UI Configuration Tool entries

Re-Sequenced Tab Order

Additional Comments:

For more information about the UI Configuration tool, see the Focus on System Administration guide.

KBA-01328; Last updated: October 12, 2016 at 8:54 am;
Keywords:  tabs, orders, document, customization, advanced, UI Configuration