KBA-01343: Adding a Billing Code field to the Project Setup (Contract)


How can I configure my Project Setup (Contract) document so that it includes a Billing Code field?


  1. Open the UI Configuration tool (formerly called Customization tool) on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Select the Project Setup Doc type.
  3. Select Doc Item Detail – Standard in the Part drop-down.
  4. Select SourceNumber in the Item drop-down.
  5. Click the icon to add your configuration.
  6. In the Label field, type Billing Code (or any other label you‘d like).  Make sure that Visible and Active are both checked.
  7. Accept the row then save your configuration.  The Billing Code field will now appear on your Project Setup/Contract documents.

Additional Comments:

For more information about the UI Configuration tool, see the Focus on System Administration guide.

KBA-01343; Last updated: October 18, 2016 at 10:25 am;