KBA-01387: Getting the most out of Bid Packages and the Competitive Bid Workflow


The Bid Package document can be considered a ‘wrapper‘ used to create a set of RFQ documents. Each RFQ should contain exactly the same information, but with a different vendor on each. The RFQ tab on the Bid Package summarizes the current status of all the related RFQ documents.  Eventually, one of the RFQs will probably be awarded and then all the remaining RFQ documents can and should be closed. Here are some things to keep in mind when working with Bid Packages:

  • You should completely fill out the Bid Package details before adding any vendors.
    • Be sure to add all the Items with cost codes and relevant information.
    • Attach any drawings or plans or other supplemental information.  See KBA-01364 on how the AutoAttach rule can help automate this.
    • If you are using a Microsoft Word Attachment template, be sure to create the printout from the template and save it so that the template printout becomes part of the Bid Package.
  • When you are ready to add vendors, you can add them one at a time or as many as you‘d like using the vendor multi-select option.  If you add one vendor at a time, you do so through RFQ documents where you select the vendor.
  • Use the ‘release all‘ icon on the RFQ tab to send all RFQ documents on their routes all at once.
  • You may want a predefined route established for the RFQ Doc type.  You likely want the predefined route to include a Spitfire Workflow sequence before the vendor and use the workflow script to set the RFQ status to your status code for ‘Out for Bid.‘
  • If your company has some vendors that receive documents routed via Hard Copy, you should review and configure the DocTypeConfig | HardCopyThru rule to automatically add a project assistant when appropriate to handle the hard copy routing.
  • Review the WhenDocClosed rules and check ApplyChildDocStatus for Bid Package documents and indicate the desired final status for unresolved RFQs using ChildDocStatusOnApproved.  See KBA-01386.
  • After generating the out-for-bid RFQ documents, you can have the Bid Package document ‘hide‘ until it needs further review.   Send On (route) the Bid Package document and use automated workflow or manually appended routing to further route the Bid Package document:
    1. To Spitfire (workflow) and set the due date for an appropriate point at which the RFQs should be reviewed.  While waiting, the Bid Package will be on the Project Dashboard, but will not be in the Inbox of any user‘s Home Dashboard.
    2. Then to a project assistant or project manager who will see the newly arrived Bid Package in his/her Inbox and review it as appropriate.

While the RFQ documents are out for bid, the vendors may respond by logging into sfPMS, returning hard copy, or using automated inbound email.  In many cases, it is helpful to have the RFQ routed through a project assistant after the vendor so that the RFQ can be reviewed for completeness. The project assistant would also have to enter itemized bid values for hard copy and email responses.

Some sites also review pending RFQs using the Bid Package or RFQ log report at some interval before the bids are due. The goal may be to ‘remind‘ vendors that have not yet responded so as to ensure that sufficient bids are received by the end of bidding.

When it is time to review the Bids and award a Commitment:

  1. Open the Bid Package document.
  2. Use the RFQ tab to review the list of bids that have been returned.
  3. Open RFQs as necessary to further review.
  4. Set the Status on the selected vendor‘s RFQ to Awarded and save.
  5. Optionally, use the document header drop down menu on the Awarded RFQ to create the Commitment.  This step can be performed at any time.  You may want to use a RouteWhenStatus rule for the RFQ doc type and ‘Awarded‘ status so that the awarded RFQ is routed on to a project assistant who will create the Commitment and perform related functions.
  6. Any time after you have awarded one (or more) of the RFQs, close the Bid Package.  If the WhenDocClosed rules have been configured, any RFQs that remain open will automatically be set to a new status.

Additional Comments:

See also Bid-Package – RFQ Processing

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