KBA-01403: Adding a custom item to the Spitfire Help Menu


A custom item, URL Link, or document can be added to the Spitfire Help Menu.  In the example below a custom user guide is added to the Spitfire Help Menu.

Using the sfPMS Catalog

  • Find (or create) the zPublic HTML folder in your sfPMS catalog and place your custom document into that folder.  You will need the file key for your URL; in Chrome or native Edge:
    1. Right click in the first cell of the row
    2. Choose Inspect
    3. In the Inspector, search for the hidden file key field and copy its value
    4. Construct a URL in the form
      1. http or https://yoursite.yourdomain.com/sfPMS/sfIMG.aspx/ck/your-file-key-guid/YourDocumentName.pdf?cd=0
      2. Use this URL in the “ActionText” field below

Traditional – via the IIS Server:

  • Create a folder to serve as the location for delivering the custom document. Note: If/When this document is updated in the future, replace the file in this folder and retain the same file name.
  • In IIS, create a new virtual directory and give it the path to the folder created in the step above.

On SQL Server:

  • Add a record for the custom entry into the xsfDashboardMenu table of the Spitfire database. (See KBA-01410 for examples that you can use to paste as a query into SQL Management Studio and modify to easily insert the new record into the table.) Note: Use your Spitfire site URL instead of the one used in this example.

  • The new record added to the xsfDashboardMenu table:

The custom entry is now available from the Help Menu the next times the user logs in:

Default Help Menu

Help Menu with added custom entry

The added pdf opens in Adobe Reader:

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