KBA-01406: Alert Lifespan


How long does an Alert stay in the system?


A maximum of 62 days.  Of course, you can delete an Alert (or all Alerts) from your Home Dashboard at any time. If you have Alerts that are also emailed, you can delete all email Alerts with one click also.


Once an Alert is deleted by you or by the system, no additional record of the Alert is maintained.  However, if the conditions that trigged the Alert in the first place remain the same, another Alert will be issued.

Additional Comments:

Remember that Alerts are transient; documents and routing are permanent. Try to design your Alerts and Alert subscriptions so that each Alert is meaningful and gets dealt with promptly. A person who gets too many Alerts will tend to start ignoring them, thus defeating the purpose of the Alerts in the first place.

KBA-01406; Last updated: September 19, 2017 at 8:01 am;