KBA-01415: Changing the default Incl for file types


When I attach files to a Spitfire document, I notice that some files say Native on the Incl column, but I want them to be Assembled, so I have to change them manually. Can I change the default?


The Incl column on the Attachments tab indicates whether each attached file should be included when the document is routed via email.

  • Files with Incl = Not Sent are not included.
  • Files with Incl = Native are included in their original format (e.g. .DOCX, .JPG, .PPT, etc.)
  • Files with Incl = PDF are included as PDF files, if the original file type can be converted to PDF.
  • Files with Incl = Assembled are converted to PDFs (if possible) then merged into one PDF file.

To change the default for a particular file type:

  1. Go to the Rules tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Expand the FileCatalogConfig rule group.
  3. Add an AttachMode:ext rule for the specific file type. For example, if you wanted all .DOCX and .PDF files to be Assembled (result value = M) by default, you would enter the following two rules:


Additional Comments:

See KBA-01265 for more information about the FileCatalogConfig rules.

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