KBA-01461: Invalid use of Address Type “P” – Reserved… error message


Why do I get the following error message?

Invalid use of Address Type ‘P‘ – Reserved for read only references to project site address


The Code Maintenance tool, available on both the Manage Dashboard, includes the AddrType code set.  The AddrType code set indicates different types of addresses that are listed on documents.  For example:


While you can add any number of codes for different Doc types to this code set, you should not use the letter ‘P‘ because that code is used internally by Spitfire.  If you have ‘P‘ as one of your AddrType codes, you‘ll get the error message indicated above.

In order to not get this error message:

  1. Open the Code Maintenance tool.
  2. Expand AddrType.
  3. Look for any Ps in the Code column.
  4. Edit the rows by replacing the P with another letter.
  5. Accept your changes.
  6. Save.

Additional Comments:

For more information about the Code Maintenance tool, see the Focus on System Administration guide.
KBA-01461; Last updated: May 29, 2018 at 14:24 pm;

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