KBA-01472: Parent and Child Projects


Why do some projects show an x in the Linked Projects part on the Project Dashboard?


When the Project Dashboard‘s Linked Project part shows projects with an x mark in the last column, that project is a parent to this project. Projects shown in the linked projects list with a checkmark are the children of this project. When you link the projects you determine the parent/child relationship.  For example, when you are working on the Project Setup document for project CCC2011 and attach project PPP, project PPP becomes the parent of CCC2011.  If you visit PPP‘s Project Dashboard you will see CCC2011 listed as a child project.  On CCC2011‘s Project Dashboard, PPP will be listed as a parent.

Keep in mind that several reports and the Executive Dashboard have the option to ‘Include Children‘.  These tools have no facility to ‘Include Parents‘.

Additional Comments:

Inside the database schema, the project relationship is stored in xsfFileAttach.  The link to the CHILD project setup document is stored in xsfFileAttach.DocMasterKey; the link to the PARENT project setup document is stored in xsfFileAttach.AttachedDocMaster.  The f_DocAttachments function understands and decodes this relationship.A project can have more than 2 ‘parents‘.  No chromosomes are exchanged in the creation of child projects.

For more information about linked projects, see Data (Parent) and Child Projects

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