KBA-01470: Use Workflow to create a linked doc for tracking Compliance Items


Some Compliance Items should only be edited by the Accounting Department, but the Project Manager is the person responsible for creating and maintaining the Commitment. How can I configure the system to allow for this restriction and editing?


Create a Compliance Tracking supplemental doc through workflow (see script below) to automatically create the Compliance Tracking doc. Configure the Compliance Items that the Project Manager will track (for example, signed contract returned) to appear on the Commitment and configure your Compliance Items for the Accounting Department to track on the Compliance Tracking doc. Using Roles, allow the appropriate role to view or edit the two Doc types.

ATC: COPY 7aa87076-0c85-44f4-a2bd-f21b3137cb8d * NEW; WITH LINK
ATC: SET SourceContact = *
ATC: SET Subcontract = *
ATC: SET Title = Compliance – [DocHeader_Title]

Additional Comments:

Note:  Spitfire‘s security settings are additive, therefore, any user with permission to edit the Commitment document can edit the Compliance Items on the Commitment. For more information about the ATC commands, see ATC Scripts and Automatic Workflow and Index of ATC commands.

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