KBA-01481: Using the correct quote marks in Template bookmarks


Why are my filter bookmarks in my Bookmark Template not working?  I think I set them up correctly, yet I get messages that reference an invalid string constant.


It is possible that your filter equations contain the wrong single quote within the bookmark.The following fancy single quotes (normal in Microsoft Word) are incorrect:

You need to have plain single quotes within your bookmarks, for example:

One way to do this is to type the single quote in Notepad, then copy and paste it into the Microsoft Word document.

Tip: when pasting at the end of an existing bookmark, be sure that the new character (the single quote) is inside the bookmark brackets.  It is sometimes easier to place your cursor a few characters to the left, retype the characters including the single quote and then delete extra characters.

Additional Comments:

For more information about Template bookmarks, see the Focus on Bookmark Templates guide.

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