KBA-01510: Message on Commitment: A valid Vendor must be entered


When changing the Status to Committed on a Commitment, a message is displayed at the top of the document: A valid Vendor must be entered.


Check to ensure the following:

  • Vendor is an active vendor.
  • Vendor is flagged for Project Purchasing (on the Company Detail‘s Address tab).
  • A Vendor document for this vendor exists in the Spitfire Catalog (VendorID = DocNo)

Check that the SourceContact is the same GUID as:

  • the UserKey in the Contact record in xsfUserKey.
  • the ContactCompanyKey and PrimaryContactKey in the ContactCompany record in xsfContactCompany.
  • the Source Contact on the Vendor document.

The following script can be run to check that the Vendor on the Commitment is valid:

DECLARE @PV UniqueIdentifier
Set @pv =
(select sourcecontact from dbo.xsfDocHeader where DocMasterKey = ’80e991b2-7fff-4ffd-af48-24a85b00407a’)
SELECT VendorName FROM dbo.vsf_VendorInfo WHERE VendorContactKey = @pv and IsSubContractor = 1

—     (Note: Substitute the Commitments DocMasterKey GUID for the DocMasterKey in the query above.)

Additional Comments:

KBA-01510; Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:15 pm