KBA-01360: Automatically Assigning Microsoft Dynamics SL WKCC codes to Costs Codes


In Microsoft Dynamics SL, I need to assign specific Workers Comp codes to specific Cost Codes whenever that Cost Code is added to a project.  Can Spitfire automatically do this for me?


Yes.  You will need to do some setup work, but once configured, every time you add a Cost Code to a project, Spitfire will add the designated WKCC to that Cost Code.


In Microsoft Dynamics SL,

  1. Enter your Workers Comp Codes.
  2. Add the Data1 (or Data2) field to your Cost Code Code Type.
  3. In Code File Maintenance, enter the appropriate WKCC for the Cost Codes requiring a WKCC in the Data1 (or Data2) field.

In Spitfire,

  1. Go to the Rules Maintenance tool on the System Admin Dashboard.
  2. Open the WBSConfig rule group.
  3. Add the following rules:
    • WKCCSource — A code type in PJCODE for your Cost Codes with your WKCC codes in Data1 or Data2.  For example 0TSK.
    • WKCCDataFrom — Result value can be 1 or 2.  Use 1 for PJCODE.Data1 (or 2 for PJCODE.Data2).
    • WKCCMapStart — Use 1.
    • WKCCMapLen — The length (number of characters) of your Cost Code.

Once you have the setup complete, whenever Spitfire adds a Cost Code to your project, the WKCC code linked to that Cost Code in PJCODE will be entered in the Worker Comp Code field for the Cost Code (pjpentex.pe_id14).

Additional Comments:

KBA-01358 for an Overview of the WBSConfig rules.

KBA-01360; Last updated: October 20, 2016 at 12:16 pm;