KBA-01250: Two Contact Records in Spitfire for One Person


Two Contact records are in Spitfire for one person. This usually occurs when the person is entered in Microsoft Dynamics SL as an Employee and also as a Vendor.


From the Contacts Dashboard, you can merge the Customer, Vendor, or Employee ID from one Contact record into another to consolidate data and the history of activities for both Contacts.

To merge IDs:

  1. From the Contacts Dashboard, select the Contacts view.
  2. Find the Contact you want to merge ‘from.‘  This record will eventually be discarded.
  3. Open the drop down menu for this Contact in the grid (right side of the name).
  4. Click on the scissors icon with the label Merge From.
  5. The scissors icon will appear instead of the menu icon.
  6. Find the Contact that you want to merge into and open its Contact Menu.
  7. Select Merge Into.
  8. The To Contact will contain information from both records.

Additional Comments:

Note:  In Microsoft Dynamics SL, the Project Controller | Employee and Resource Maintenance screen provides a field to link the Employee to a Vendor ID. When Spitfire detects this link, Spitfire creates one Contact record and links that Contact record to both the Employee and the Vendor ID.  To avoid duplicate Contact records, be sure to fill in the Vendor field on the Employee and Resource Maintenance screen.

KBA-01250; Last updated: May 1, 2018 at 9:29 am;
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