KBA-01252: Bulk copying Excel cells into the BFA Manual Budget Change Column does not update the status line calculation.


I am able to copy several rows of formatted cells at once from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to the Manual Budget Change Amount column in the BFA workbook. However, the status line does not show any changes. However, if I manually type in the numbers, the status line is updated.  How come?


Using Microsoft Excel‘s bulk copy and paste feature to copy cells into Manual Budget Change Columns WILL NOT update the status line calculation.  After you finish pasting, you can use the Spitfire drop down menu on the workbook to recalculate the correct status line totals.
The calculation will only work on single entries (copy and paste or manual entry).

KBA-01252; Last updated: November 16, 2016 at 8:40 am;
Keywords:  BFA, excel, copy, paste, status, line, calculation, bulk