KBA-01354: Setting the auto-logout time


Why did Spitfire log me out and close while I was away from my computer?
How can I change how long Spitfire waits before closing due to inactivity?
Can I make sure that everyone is logged out after they leave for the day?


The answers to these questions have to do with Spitfire‘s auto-logout feature.  By default, Spitfire will log a user out and then close after no activity for almost 5 hours. The System Administrator can change the time (in minutes) before auto-logout.  This timeout duration is set in the ICTool.

  1. Open ICTool (ictool.exe).
  2. Click on the sfPMS tab.
  3. Click on the Session tab.
  4. Type in the Dashboard Timeout (min) field or use the spinners to change the amount of time before auto-logout.
  5. Click on the Finish tab.  Your changes are saved automatically.
  6. Click the Update Configuration button.  Changes do not take effect until you update the site.
  7. Close ICTool.

See also KBA-01589

KBA-01354; Last updated: November 14, 2016 at 12:52 pm;